Create beautiful reports with the best reporting tool suitable for any Uniface project!

Uniface ready

  • Dynamic Link Library (DLL) for Uniface 32 bit and 64 bit
  • In-memory tables for storing data for reports
  • Loading data directly from ODBC or Oracle client using SQL select
  • Exporting data directly to XLSX, TXT, clipboard or external database
  • Reading reports from files or database table
  • Functions for print, design, preview, export or join of prepared reports
  • On-fly translation to different language

Visual designer for developers and end-users

  • Create complex reports using page headers and footers, master/detail data bands, groups, summaries
  • Support for text fields with simple data or extended conditions
  • Graphical objects, pictures, barcodes, charts
  • Multicolumn support, multipage support
  • Pivot grid component for tabular data
  • Pascal/C++/JScript/Basic scripting language with debugger
  • Support for text reports for raster printers

What you see is what you print

  • Non-modal preview window with zoom and search capabilities
  • Export to Excel, OpenOffice Calc, text file, XML, HTML, PDF, RTF
  • Save prepared report for future displaying
  • Open report in Word (RTF) for editing
  • Send report as an attachment by email