Set of functions for every Uniface developer!

I/O functions

I/O functions
  • reading from multiple text files simultaneously with charset conversion
  • reading and writing binary files
  • reading from Excel files directly (without Microsoft(R) Excel)
  • XML transformation
  • creating hash from file

String functions

String functions
  • charset conversion (ISO, UTF, ANSI)
  • BASE64, QuotedPrintable, HTML and RTF conversion
  • regular expression – match, split, replace
  • create hash from text
  • calculate text width in pixels

System functions

System functions
  • get and set registry value
  • get and set environment variables
  • clipboard read and write
  • get and set default printer
  • retrieving system information (computer name, temp, memory usage, time zone)
  • retrieving file system information (drive info, file version)
  • shell execute with or without wait mode
  • playing sound
  • status window for interrupting long time operations